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ADM Stories

Learn more about ADM's efforts in innovation and sustainability, and our impact in communities around the globe.

Extending the Life of Cardboard with ADM Specialty Starches

During the holiday season, many of us are excited to find more packages arriving on our doorsteps. Whether buying for others, or ourselves, the question remains—what will you do with the box it came in? Ideally, you recycle it. ADM specialty starches can make recycling of used cardboard into new cardboard material possible, multiple times over. Read more.

Alternative Protein's Secret Ingredient

Whether they’re vegan, flexitarian or just adventurous eaters, today’s consumers are looking for more protein from more sources. Learn more about the role ADM plays in this trend that’s on so many people’s minds and plates. Read more.

Driving Sustainable Mint Innovation from the Ground Up

Using plant science to innovate has been a cornerstone of A.M. Todd—the mint division of ADM’s flavors business—for over half a century. In fact, for more than 70 years, plant scientists have been working with mint farmers to ensure a thriving mint future by supporting responsible land management. Read more.

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